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Chester Bennington - One More Light

I didn't really plan to make a tribute art. But a few days after the news of his death I suddenly realize how much I'll miss this guy's awesome, powerful singing that has moved millions of people who had struggled in their lives for whatever reason. (Honestly me though it was just teenage angst, but nonetheless he sang true to me.) I was listening to a few of his song and had this image suddenly in mind. A man who's life has suddenly been burned out. I don't really think he would commit suicide. Yes, his depression, his awful past and the death of his friend could be viable reasons but I personally think they're too convenient to be true. With other artist (not just Chris Cornell) who also died of "suicide" (why does it always have to be the lead vocalist?), topped with other rumors who other fans might have already know what it is (I won't talked about it as I'm no expert) are just too... I don't know. It's too sudden. I would have believed it more if he was sick or was in an accident